Unconscious Mutterings #371

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Detective :: Cherlock Holmes
Bangs :: Big bangs
Consultant :: Sometimes the expert
Puzzle :: Jigsaw…yes!
Learn :: and study
Necklace :: and pendant.
184 :: hmm… the amount of buttons in the tin?
Stimulation :: energy
Layered :: and quilted
Police :: different from when I was young

Want to take …

7 March 2010  Uncategorized

Will we really remember?

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I’m always very touched during remembrance days.
It doesn’t matter whether it’s at my own country or at TV in the UK, as I saw this weekend.
I’m not quite sure why I’m touched, because the people I see are unknown to me.
But the tears on the face of an old veteran …

9 November 2009  Uncategorized

Neelie Kroes is my choice for first european leader

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And…who will be the first European leader?
It’s all over the news which people have a good chance and one of them is our prime minister.
He was mentioned with Blair earlier this day, but it’s clear the former British leader doesn’t stand a chance.
He was too much in agreement with Bush, …

30 October 2009  Uncategorized

Stars and lies

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Remember the girl who told the media she only wanted a few stars tattood in her face and ended up with 56 stars? She said she didn’t realise there were more because she fell asleep?
Well, I didn’t belief her in the first place and I was right.
She lied …

26 September 2009  Uncategorized

Thursday Thunks

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Because I had the feeling it was friday I was looking for my usual friday memes.
But then Thursday Thunks caught my eye and I realised it was time to jump in the deep with a new meme.
So here it is:

What brand & flavor of toothpaste do you use?
What is your …

19 February 2009  Uncategorized
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