Ready for take off

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The girls are ready for take off.
The suitcases are standing in the room, near the door.
To my utter amazement they managed to get all their stuff in it, without even reaching half of what was allowed to take with them.
I weighted the suitcases and even though they had different measurements, …

27 March 2011  Uncategorized

Knives in beercase

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Weird news today.
Someone working at one of the largest groceries of the counrty wanted to replace an empty beercase that was brought that morning to the shop.
Her hands were seriously hurt and he was brought to hospital. She had to undergo surgery in order to restore the use of her …

26 March 2011  news and newsanalysis

Proteines and diabetes

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Many people try to control their weight by following a diet.
Often it turns out a few years later that the diet has been counteractive or has even been unhealthy.
Research showed that taking too many proteines imight increase the risk of getting diabetes.
How this works is not exactly known.
It’s already known …

25 March 2011  health

Judges appointed for a short time?

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In my country judges are appointed for life. This is to make them as independent as possible. Wilders now said that judges should be appointed for 5 years and those who didn’t punish severe enough should have to find another job. It’s a statement which is typical for him. I …

17 February 2011  politics

So sad

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The peaceful demonstrations will be remembered.
Today the sombre predictions of one of our journalists came completely true.
He said people would be paid to demonstrate in favor of the guy, and they would cause such a trouble that the guy would say he can’t step back because of the …

3 February 2011  Uncategorized


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Well, the secret meeting of the government must have been very interesting as they changed their mind.
Not 6 weeks, but 16 to 18 weeks of training, an agreement with the Afghanistan government not to use these people in the army and the concession that the use of F16 …

26 January 2011  Uncategorized

First miner free tonight

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Quite unexpected the news came that the first miner will be saved tonight.
At first they said it would be at 23.00 hours our time, soon it changed to 3 o’clock tonight.
On TV I saw a woman who is the sister of one of them and she couldn’t wait to see …

12 October 2010  Uncategorized

Sacharov Prize

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Wilders won’t have a chance to win the prestigious Sacharov Prize.
The prize is named after the famous Russian dissident Sacharov and is for those who have brought freedom os speech to the attention of those who’d rather not hear about it or who have used it responsibly.
Well, Wilders …

23 September 2010  Uncategorized

Sweden and political right

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The Swedish elections brought almost the same picture of the political theatre as those in the Netherlands.
After years of a kind of political balance suddenly a party has to play a role in politics that has intolerance as the main characteristic.
Here in The Netherlands we’re starting to get used …

20 September 2010  Uncategorized

My dad

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It’s a long time ago that I walked with my dad in the woods nearby, trying to see rabbits, find other animals and learning about almost everything in nature.
Some people always say he was a silent man, but he wasn’t. Just with them.
He didn’t like people who thought …

15 March 2010  Uncategorized
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