Unconscious Mutterings #247

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Limited :: not endless
Zombie :: almost dead
Energy :: which keeps someone or something going
Proof :: fact that underline the truth
Hassle :: fuzz
Peep :: peekaboo
Jogger :: someone who takes the time to look athletic beside a road
Hunt :: treasure hunt
Career :: the red line …

3 April 2011  memes

Dangerous nuts cause the death of others

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Some people are out to disrespect others regardless of the consequences.
Often they do it because they think they are better and of higher standing than the person or group they disrespect, but in fact they lower themselves even below that level.
Sometimes they set a spiral in motion to show the …

2 April 2011  news and newsanalysis

Friday Fill-ins april 1 2011

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1. I can’t believe I’ve got an inflamed eye.
2. I wish peace for everyone.
3. How can I make people aware that it’s autism awareness month now?
4. Potatoes with lettuce and egg was the last thing I cooked.
5. Six of one family, when you describe my children.
6. Will I …

1 April 2011  memes

How I want to live

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Right now it’s not an option to make the choice of living that would be best for me. I have to take the needs of my children into account, and they are first on the agenda.
But not too many years from now they’ll leave the nest and I have to …

31 March 2011  lifestyle

More radiation

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Not only Greenpeace advices to evacuate people who live up to 40 kms of the Fukushima plant, now the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has urged to evacuate more people.
In Iitate, a village 40 kms from Fukushima radiationlevels are measured which are high above what is considered healthy.
At the moment …

30 March 2011  health

Japan acknowledges mistakes

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The Japanese government has acknowledged that the nuclear plants in Fukushima were not prepared well enough for a disaster. And thus the plants were not protected well enough.
When the crisis is over they will conducts a thorough investigation of what happened and they will review safety measures.
Already over a week …

30 March 2011  health

12 years…

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Today it was all over the news that a 12 year old girl delivered a baby during a schooltrip.
She didn’t know that she was pregnant.
So everybody had an opinion again.
Someone came up with the results of an internet search. A 5 year old had been the record mother. But she …

29 March 2011  news and newsanalysis

Old posts will be available soon

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The old posts will be available soon.
I’m sure many have been saved due to the copyright system. So I’m not really worried about that.
And otherwise: who worries when a daily writer says she’s blogging here again?
So welcome old and new friends.
Sit back and start enjoying it here again.
I have to …

29 March 2011  Uncategorized

Online again, finally.

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Hi all!
Sorry the blog had disappeared.
Not my mistake.
My blog was good and running well, with a nice PR, until Godaddy decided that after years of accepting paypalmoney paypal alone suddenly wasn’t good enough.
I should have either a creditcard attached to it, or open a foreign savingsaccount with a 100 dollars …

29 March 2011  Uncategorized

Plutonium found in Fukushima

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Ofcourse they found plutonium in Fukushima.
Did anyone expect something else?
It was at different places at the bottom of the plant, measured a week ago.
What is even more worrying is the fact that they found polluted water outside the buildings.
There’s a kind of wedge between the reactorbuilding and the sea of …

28 March 2011  health,news and newsanalysis
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