Cutbacks in education?

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The parliament of The Netherlands has decided not to accept all plans of the minister of education.
The fines for students who need a year longer than accepted will not be introduced next year, so students who need this extra year right now won’t be fined.
The cutbacks on the special needs …

Aprils weather

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We have a saying here that april does what she wishes to do.
It means that we can expect all sorts of weather.
And this year it’s true again.
We’ve had summerweather yesterday. To be precise: 24.7 degrees celcius.
Today it was over 12 degrees colder.
Last night we had a short storm, and some …

A shooting

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This weekend out country had it’s own shopping mall shooting.
A 24 year old man went bezirk and calmly found his way to the shopping centre with three guns. One of them was probably made by himself into an automatic gun.
He first targetted people in wheelchairs and then others. People fled …

11 April 2011  news and newsanalysis

Unconscious Mutterings #428

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Analytical :: I am
Production :: fabrication
Softball :: Don’t like it
Uniform :: unhumanising
Intangible :: untouchable
Grill :: Fish
Second base :: fourth base and top
Citizen :: inhabitant/world citizen
Celery :: soup and carrots
Opera :: singing

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or want to participate too?
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10 April 2011  memes

Saturday again

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It’s saturday again.
It feels like we have to escape to the shopping centre as early as possible so the kids can’t ask us to buy things for them.
We don’t have the car this weekend. One of the boys needed it and got the keys.
So we take our keys and sneek …

9 April 2011  lifestyle

Pollen and hayfever

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It’s hayfever time!
The air is dry, the sun is nice, the trees are showing off their flowers again and there it is: hayfever!
Itchy eyes, even painful eyes, sneezing and other noseproblems and even itchy ears are troubling lots of people.
Each year I’m one of the first with terrible eye problems.
It’s …

8 April 2011  health

Spam, and spam.. and oh…spam.

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Spam, and spam.. and oh…spam.
I can’t belief there are stupid people outside, in the world, who give their good time to spamming.
What a joy and delight not to look outside and see spring appear, or autumn, when you’re at the other side of the world.
Instead one sits behind a …

7 April 2011  internet and computers

Army smaller by 10.000

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The Netherlands faces the same need for cutbacks as many countries.
We watch the USA political parties argue over the same issue with growing disbelief. They’re not argueing for the best of the country and the wellbeing of the people, but for their own political supremacy.
The solution is simple:

set priorities

A channel name change

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When something has an established name it’s not wise to change it.
Even a logo change can cost customers, or in case of one of the media: public.
So even though creativity might bring up some interesting names, often the old name is a bit bended, decorated or…. decapitated.
Yes, you’re reading the …

5 April 2011  news and newsanalysis

A new week, a new spring…

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When spring is finally in the air a new week starts so much different from the rest of the year.
To wake up with the birds singing is such a delightful experience after all those silent mornings that I take the time to listen.
Isn’t it amazing what a lot of sound …

4 April 2011  nature and space
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