Easter fires this year?

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It’s still not clear iof there will be easterfires this year.
The main easterfires, a very old tradition, are in the farmer communities and they’re too close to nature.
As we’re in the middle of a heatwave and everything is very dry, large nature fires are feared.
Ofcourse preparations are made in at …

23 April 2011  culture,nature and space

Friday Fill-Ins

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1. Pardon me, can I have some space, please.
2. I think one of our sons cooking in exchange for free food and no mess in his own kitchen is a good deal.
3. I was surprised to find that I really like to go to university again. Pity it’s …

22 April 2011  memes

Red alert: fire risks

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Today a large part of the country was on orange alert, meaning there’s a high chance of fires in nature. A plane is all the time above endangered areas.
When there’s an alarm two fire engines will go there immediately, instead of one. And more men and material are ready.
It’s forbidden …

21 April 2011  nature and space


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The news landed here from different sides.
The strange tension I’ve felt for a few days was suddenly gone not too long before a friend called and told me he died. Tim Hetherington. The creative, multi-talented and ever so interesting, handsome and charming guy, who was born in Liverpool and found …

20 April 2011  news and newsanalysis

Writing against common sense?

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Isn’t it interesting.
Papers and magazines are complaining that online versions do better than the paper ones.
Bookshops complain they’re not seeling enough.
And now, more than ever, people want to write their own books.

19 April 2011  lifestyle

Dying news

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I’ve always been amazed how energetic people jump on scandals and disasters in the news. Like they have no life at all and the news provides them breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same time.
Take the earthquakes and tsunami in Japan. We all had the chills when we saw the …

18 April 2011  lifestyle

Unconscious Mutterings #429

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Director :: conductor
Operation :: surgery
30 minutes :: half an hour
Bald :: Needs a rub with beeswax each day
Calls :: don’t like them
Distant :: far away
Lightweight :: jockey
Difficult :: not easy
Half dozen :: 6
Boss :: responsible

Want to see more answers
or want to participate …

17 April 2011  memes


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I was reading one of the online magazines and was caught by a question in the social issues part.
Someone wanted to move to another house but was not able to pay double rent (for the old house and the new house during the time of the move).
She couldn’t get a …

16 April 2011  lifestyle

Spammers are annoying

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Spammers on blogs are annoying, we all agree about that. Well, except those individuals themselves.
I wonder if they’re ever in touch with their brains and if they have a life.
I guess not.
I think it must be devastating for one’s self esteem to post nonsense comments and see they’re always deleted.
Pity …

15 April 2011  internet and computers

I’m ashamed about…

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This title sounds like a meme, and maybe it should be one.
I’m ashamed my country, and others, have other priorities than welcoming people who have fled their country.
Now people from Libya have entered Europe in the south and they have been given permission by Italy to go to other European …

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