A shooting

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This weekend out country had it’s own shopping mall shooting.
A 24 year old man went bezirk and calmly found his way to the shopping centre with three guns. One of them was probably made by himself into an automatic gun.
He first targetted people in wheelchairs and then others. People fled into shops and closed themselves in, some in the basement.
He fired more than 100 shots, killed 6 people. Later a seventh person died.

One of the witnesses of the drama saw the guy putting new bullets in a gun. It was done very calm.
Another saw him throw away one of the guns when it was empty.

At the end he shot himself.

The whole country was shocked and in a way is still in shock.
A lot of questions are asked and one of the main ones is how it can be that the guy got permission to have a gun.

He was in therapy in a closed facility a few years ago because he was suicidal.
The police should never have given him the permission to carry a gun.

My heart goes out to the people who are left behind.

When it happened we were shopping too and were able to do it without any disturbances.
But we realise now that we could have been shot.

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