Dangerous nuts cause the death of others

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Some people are out to disrespect others regardless of the consequences.

Often they do it because they think they are better and of higher standing than the person or group they disrespect, but in fact they lower themselves even below that level.

Sometimes they set a spiral in motion to show the world the others are evil beings, thinking it won’t lash back.
It always will, either to themselves or to others.

Terry Jones wanted to burn the Quran after 911.
He got so much attention and requests not to do so that he saw sense and refrained from actions.

But he’s found someone else to take over the task he set himself: Wayne Sapp.
Another clerical man, a collegue.
Another person who doesn’t care about the consequences of actions because they think they are right.

So in southern Afhanistan people were killed because of these people.
People from different countries.
And more will follow, as the crowds are angry because their holy book is not treated well.

I doubt if these armerican men will be brought to court to be held responsible for their own actions.
When you play with the psyche of other people, knowingly offending them to get a result you can use for your own cause, you’re sick in your mind. Especially when you are a pastor or any other person on the hierarchy of a religion.

Some people do it on a small level, so make people loose their prestige and good name.
Others endanger people they don’t know.

They show the world they’re disrespectful to themselves too, and in the case of the men which are names here, disrespectful to their own religion.

At the cost of the lives of others.

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Apr 4, 2011
8:33 am
#1 wintergurl :

They are sick act like a internatinal place . seem them self right what ever they did. sick and sick ..

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