Online again, finally.

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Hi all!

Sorry the blog had disappeared.

Not my mistake.


My blog was good and running well, with a nice PR, until Godaddy decided that after years of accepting paypalmoney paypal alone suddenly wasn’t good enough.
I should have either a creditcard attached to it, or open a foreign savingsaccount with a 100 dollars on it to show I have money.

In my country having creditcards means you’re in debt and not able to pay what you need to pay. So attaching a creditcard is not done and gives the false signals.

A foreign savingsaccount means that taxes would have eaten in two years the complete amount of dollars minus the payment for Godaddy for just one year.

So you see. My money was not good enough.
I could have paid their bills within seconds. But they wouldn’t let me.

I explained that paypal here means I have to go to the bank to show my passport and have my ID verified in person.
But rules are rules.

So I had to remove the URL.

Something went wrong and all was gone.
We tried to retrieve it, but nothing.

So here I am. New look. Lots of time investing for your passtime.

That’s nice, isn’t it?

A new beginning in spring.

Posted by Laane   @   29 March 2011 2 comments

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Apr 1, 2011
8:46 pm
#1 gagay :

that's good to hear!!! happy blogging laane!!! dropping for adgi here!
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Apr 1, 2011
8:47 pm
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