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How come that when I use the site of our public transport I won’t get the busnumber I request, but lots of others?

I just want line 2, but I get the whole count from 1 to 99 and over.
I’m not doing anything wrong.
They just give me all sorts of weird ways to travel to my destination that require changing busses even up to 3 times for a distance I could bicycle, if there wasn’t a far too steep part in it for me.

I guess their strange information is due to the new system.
They want us to quit paper tickets and use the electronic card.
Each time you change bus there’s a chance of forgetting to check out and in, so you’re changed far too much.
The trouble you have to go through to get your money back is unbelievable.

Oh…and they can record your whereabouts with that electronic ticket.

Posted by Laane   @   3 May 2011 0 comments
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