Firefox 4. A no-no!

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It’s clear we’re back to the square layouts and plain looks.
Yahoo launched a new beta version that will be the end version too, as they state.
It’s far more consumer targetted than the last version that never came into use by all.
A nice greyish background with clear letters, and a top that looked suspiciously close after my last blog layout of one of my other sites.

And now there’s firefox 4. Full of speed, with irritating tabs at the top.
As there’s always the danger of RSI for people like me, who write a lot and have to surf a lot too, tabs at the top are a nuisance.
Especially when they’re aligned to the utter left.

Maybe they can be adjusted, maybe they can’t. Maybe more people don’t like those tabs.

It’s not logical to place them on top, and have the eternal placed browserlinks under the browserwindow.

Just put those links on top, get rid of the useless empty space because of the + button at the right and get the tabs down, within reach of hard work.
Those tabs irritate me to bits, so I’m considering changing back to the so- maniest version of firefox 3.

Another issue they have not taken into account is that I want to use the settings the way I had them.
I always delete the temporal files when I close, and I do it manually. I like it that way.
Well, I haven’t found yet where I can do that.
I guess they’ve forgotten completely that browsers are used for more than being on internet alone.

For those who miss the bookmarkbutton: I’ve found that one. It’s at the right. Not centralised anymore. That was so convenient.

So I’m not happy at all with firefox 4.

And you?

Posted by Laane   @   1 May 2011 0 comments
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