Congrats William and Kate!

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Years ago it was agreed I would stick to the tradition of the family and I would be present at the next royal wedding in England.
Due to lack of money I was present in front of the TV. :(

But I saw it all.

When I was young I said that Westminster Abbey would look great with trees in it, and due to the wishes of Kate I could see I was right. Westeminster Abbey looked amazing.

And the bride: she was gorgeous.
Her dress was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

I’ve enjoyed everything.
Except for the comments I heard on the Dutch TV.
I felt so lucky I had been watching the BBC and wasn’t confronted with their dull comments before.
They said the ceremony was without feeling. Later they corrected themselves and said there were no tears. Like it’s a law to cry on your wedding day.

I guess they were unable to see the facial expressions of William. He looked really in love, as did the bride.

It was their wedding day and it went perfect.
To me it looked like it fitted them very well. And it was their personal wedding day where we were able to be witnesses.

Congrats William and Kate!

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