The first lesson on pointes

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My daughter came home full of enthousiasm and eager to tell about her experiences.

As she had to show the pointes to the teacher too, so the lady would be able to give her permission to use them, she had no ribbons attached yet.
But ofcourse I’d given her enough advice so she would be able to participate in the first exercises.

She was nervous, because she missed out of two pointe lessons already, due to the program of her school, but I know the teavher well and I also know how she starts up pointe lessons, so my daughter was very updated when she started the third, for her first, pointe lesson.
In fact she was standing so well on her toes, without any bit of pain at all, that she got a load of compliments from the teacher, who has given her now all the compliments she had available for the next 20 years. LOL!

So there’s another task for the weekend: gluing on suede tops on the toe, and sowing on the ribbons.
I don’t mind to do it at all. :)

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