Pointe shoes

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We ordered a pair of pointe shoes online and got the wrong ones.
No satin, but canvas.
As the teacher is very precise there was no way to get away with that, so we had to make an appointment with the fitter of an expensive shop here.

Difference: 50 dollars!!!

Today it was time to fit.

As a former balletdancer and teacher I know a lot about fitting and I saw she was trying to advice a pair that would need replacement in about september.
So tactically I said the feet of my daughter were still growing and she needed to fit in with toepads too, so…

She went home with half a size larger, with the ribbons and the whole lot.
At home we looked at the size.
It was precisely the size I had recommended!
So I still haven’t lost my skill. Haha!

And now I have a proud balletgirl who loves to try out her new pointes at the balletschool.
More about that tomorrow.

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