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It’s nice to see more easter eggs than spam comments for a day. LOL!

I understand that not many countries celebrate two days of easter. I don’t know why we do. When we were engaged it was quite convenient, because we could go to the pairs of parents one each day, carefully watching to alternate the first day of easter between the families and not to be at the same family at both first easter and first christmasday. What a time that was.

When I was young we used to get new clothes for spring and summer just before easter, so we would look at our best in church.
Ofcourse white socks were part of the celebration.

I remember a year when the bicycle was newly oiled and i hit the side with one of my socks.
It was like I had to go with a black soul to church. My mother was furious. As would all moms be during that era. My father took me outside and rinsed the sock with badly smelling liquid of one of his bottles he used to keep in the shed. Then he washed the socks with soap until the smell was gone and the danger to set myself in fire near a candle in church.

We were in church in time for the last rehearsal of the choir before mass.
One of my friends came late. “Socks”, she whispered to the conductor and he smiled.
I silently pointed to my one wet sock and she to hers.
Yep, we giggled.

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