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Pollen and hayfever

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It’s hayfever time!
The air is dry, the sun is nice, the trees are showing off their flowers again and there it is: hayfever!
Itchy eyes, even painful eyes, sneezing and other noseproblems and even itchy ears are troubling lots of people.
Each year I’m one of the first with terrible eye problems.
It’s …

8 April 2011  health

More radiation

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Not only Greenpeace advices to evacuate people who live up to 40 kms of the Fukushima plant, now the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has urged to evacuate more people.
In Iitate, a village 40 kms from Fukushima radiationlevels are measured which are high above what is considered healthy.
At the moment …

30 March 2011  health

Japan acknowledges mistakes

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The Japanese government has acknowledged that the nuclear plants in Fukushima were not prepared well enough for a disaster. And thus the plants were not protected well enough.
When the crisis is over they will conducts a thorough investigation of what happened and they will review safety measures.
Already over a week …

30 March 2011  health

Plutonium found in Fukushima

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Ofcourse they found plutonium in Fukushima.
Did anyone expect something else?
It was at different places at the bottom of the plant, measured a week ago.
What is even more worrying is the fact that they found polluted water outside the buildings.
There’s a kind of wedge between the reactorbuilding and the sea of …

28 March 2011  health,news and newsanalysis

Proteines and diabetes

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Many people try to control their weight by following a diet.
Often it turns out a few years later that the diet has been counteractive or has even been unhealthy.
Research showed that taking too many proteines imight increase the risk of getting diabetes.
How this works is not exactly known.
It’s already known …

25 March 2011  health