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Finding the right busnumber

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How come that when I use the site of our public transport I won’t get the busnumber I request, but lots of others?
I just want line 2, but I get the whole count from 1 to 99 and over.
I’m not doing anything wrong.
They just give me all sorts of weird …

3 May 2011  politics

I’m ashamed about…

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This title sounds like a meme, and maybe it should be one.
I’m ashamed my country, and others, have other priorities than welcoming people who have fled their country.
Now people from Libya have entered Europe in the south and they have been given permission by Italy to go to other European …

Army smaller by 10.000

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The Netherlands faces the same need for cutbacks as many countries.
We watch the USA political parties argue over the same issue with growing disbelief. They’re not argueing for the best of the country and the wellbeing of the people, but for their own political supremacy.
The solution is simple:

set priorities

Judges appointed for a short time?

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In my country judges are appointed for life. This is to make them as independent as possible. Wilders now said that judges should be appointed for 5 years and those who didn’t punish severe enough should have to find another job. It’s a statement which is typical for him. I …

17 February 2011  politics