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Firefox 4. A no-no!

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It’s clear we’re back to the square layouts and plain looks.
Yahoo launched a new beta version that will be the end version too, as they state.
It’s far more consumer targetted than the last version that never came into use by all.
A nice greyish background with clear letters, and a top …

1 May 2011  internet and computers

Spammers are annoying

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Spammers on blogs are annoying, we all agree about that. Well, except those individuals themselves.
I wonder if they’re ever in touch with their brains and if they have a life.
I guess not.
I think it must be devastating for one’s self esteem to post nonsense comments and see they’re always deleted.
Pity …

15 April 2011  internet and computers

Spam, and spam.. and oh…spam.

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Spam, and spam.. and oh…spam.
I can’t belief there are stupid people outside, in the world, who give their good time to spamming.
What a joy and delight not to look outside and see spring appear, or autumn, when you’re at the other side of the world.
Instead one sits behind a …

7 April 2011  internet and computers