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Easter fires this year?

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It’s still not clear iof there will be easterfires this year.
The main easterfires, a very old tradition, are in the farmer communities and they’re too close to nature.
As we’re in the middle of a heatwave and everything is very dry, large nature fires are feared.
Ofcourse preparations are made in at …

23 April 2011  culture,nature and space

Red alert: fire risks

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Today a large part of the country was on orange alert, meaning there’s a high chance of fires in nature. A plane is all the time above endangered areas.
When there’s an alarm two fire engines will go there immediately, instead of one. And more men and material are ready.
It’s forbidden …

21 April 2011  nature and space

Aprils weather

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We have a saying here that april does what she wishes to do.
It means that we can expect all sorts of weather.
And this year it’s true again.
We’ve had summerweather yesterday. To be precise: 24.7 degrees celcius.
Today it was over 12 degrees colder.
Last night we had a short storm, and some …

A new week, a new spring…

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When spring is finally in the air a new week starts so much different from the rest of the year.
To wake up with the birds singing is such a delightful experience after all those silent mornings that I take the time to listen.
Isn’t it amazing what a lot of sound …

4 April 2011  nature and space