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It’s nice to see more easter eggs than spam comments for a day. LOL!
I understand that not many countries celebrate two days of easter. I don’t know why we do. When we were engaged it was quite convenient, because we could go to the pairs of parents one each day, …

25 April 2011  lifestyle

Writing against common sense?

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Isn’t it interesting.
Papers and magazines are complaining that online versions do better than the paper ones.
Bookshops complain they’re not seeling enough.
And now, more than ever, people want to write their own books.

19 April 2011  lifestyle

Dying news

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I’ve always been amazed how energetic people jump on scandals and disasters in the news. Like they have no life at all and the news provides them breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same time.
Take the earthquakes and tsunami in Japan. We all had the chills when we saw the …

18 April 2011  lifestyle


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I was reading one of the online magazines and was caught by a question in the social issues part.
Someone wanted to move to another house but was not able to pay double rent (for the old house and the new house during the time of the move).
She couldn’t get a …

16 April 2011  lifestyle

Saturday again

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It’s saturday again.
It feels like we have to escape to the shopping centre as early as possible so the kids can’t ask us to buy things for them.
We don’t have the car this weekend. One of the boys needed it and got the keys.
So we take our keys and sneek …

9 April 2011  lifestyle

How I want to live

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Right now it’s not an option to make the choice of living that would be best for me. I have to take the needs of my children into account, and they are first on the agenda.
But not too many years from now they’ll leave the nest and I have to …

31 March 2011  lifestyle