Finding the right busnumber

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How come that when I use the site of our public transport I won’t get the busnumber I request, but lots of others?
I just want line 2, but I get the whole count from 1 to 99 and over.
I’m not doing anything wrong.
They just give me all sorts of weird …

3 May 2011  politics

Curious as a cat – Week Number 279

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1) When the power goes out, do you grab matches and candles or a flashlight first?
It depends on where I am.
Upstairs it’s a flashlight, downstairs at the back it’s probably a flashlight too.
But in the livingroom and kitchen I’ll grab the matches and use the candles.
2) If you could personify …

2 May 2011  memes

Firefox 4. A no-no!

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It’s clear we’re back to the square layouts and plain looks.
Yahoo launched a new beta version that will be the end version too, as they state.
It’s far more consumer targetted than the last version that never came into use by all.
A nice greyish background with clear letters, and a top …

1 May 2011  internet and computers


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Queensday is a traditional national event.
The Queen and her family visit one or two towns in the country to celebrate the day with the people.
All sorts of traditional and non-traditional games are shown and everyone can participate, including the princes and their wives.
So we watched it on TV while drinking …

30 April 2011  culture

Congrats William and Kate!

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Years ago it was agreed I would stick to the tradition of the family and I would be present at the next royal wedding in England.
Due to lack of money I was present in front of the TV.
But I saw it all.
When I was young I said that …

29 April 2011  news and newsanalysis

The first lesson on pointes

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My daughter came home full of enthousiasm and eager to tell about her experiences.
As she had to show the pointes to the teacher too, so the lady would be able to give her permission to use them, she had no ribbons attached yet.
But ofcourse I’d given her enough advice so …

28 April 2011  culture

Pointe shoes

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We ordered a pair of pointe shoes online and got the wrong ones.
No satin, but canvas.
As the teacher is very precise there was no way to get away with that, so we had to make an appointment with the fitter of an expensive shop here.
Difference: 50 dollars!!!
Today it was time …

27 April 2011  culture

School again

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The kids have to school again.
We’re kind of lost in time, because the schoolweek starts with a tuesday.
The weather is amazing. It’s tropical and we don’t feel like living in a normal world at all.
Still, everything feels routine very soon, including laundry and homework.
I need to paint at least one …

26 April 2011  blogging


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It’s nice to see more easter eggs than spam comments for a day. LOL!
I understand that not many countries celebrate two days of easter. I don’t know why we do. When we were engaged it was quite convenient, because we could go to the pairs of parents one each day, …

25 April 2011  lifestyle
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